It couldn’t be easier to obtain your Olympic footage. Below are some frequently asked questions.


How are the license costs determined?

Rights fees for the use of Olympic footage are dependent on three principal factors:

Usage and rights required
The rights that can be requested include, amongst others, commercial advertising, television broadcast, retail DVD, in-flight and awards/events.

License Territory
Rates will vary depending upon the specific territories for which clearance is required. A localised “one-off” showing would merit a lower premium than national rights clearance, which in turn would generally be cheaper than multi-territory or world-wide rights.

Duration of footage
Fees are usually quoted on a “per minute, or part thereof” basis. The exception to this is for commercial usage, which is normally quoted on a “per second” basis. The final fee is based upon an IOC-approved rate card, although in certain cases there may be sufficient reason to reduce or increase the standard rate.

How long does the research process take, and what are the associated costs?

Once an OTAB licensing agreement has been signed, broadcast quality footage can normally be delivered within 24-48 hours.

For large volumes of research and duplication, fulfilment times will vary. Costs for research and duplication depend upon the volume of footage required.

There is a minimum research fee that applies to all requests for up to half a day’s research. Duplication costs depend upon the amount of footage and the format of the master material (Digi Beta, DVD, mpeg, etc).

Who holds music and commentary rights to Olympic footage?

In most instances, music and commentary associated with the Olympic Games is the copyright property of the individual artist, performer or broadcast station. OTAB does not clear any third party rights – this is the responsibility of the programme maker.

Please note that official speeches, such as those made at Opening or Closing Ceremonies, remain IOC copyright.

Can I obtain Olympic footage for research/educational purposes or for private viewing?

OTAB can assist with licensing for research and educational purposes. We are unfortunately not able to assist with personal requests.

We are unable to give guaranteed completion dates for such requests.

Can I license the Olympic Rings through OTAB?

Use of the Olympic symbol (the five interlocking rings) is not permitted to any companies outside the IOC’s existing sponsor programme.

The symbol may be used within the editorial context of a television programme, (note that this would not include opening credits, titles or promotional trailers), although prior written consent of the IOC would always be required, which OTAB can obtain on the client’s behalf.